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ah, our beloved goat, how we knew ye.

inside and out for 2 years, we cut and welded and stretched and 
shaped and fiberglassed, disassembled, loaded, unloaded, and

and now you are forever in your native habitat...the playa.

next year, burning man attendees just might see our darling goat
at the greeter station as they arrive...or maybe they'll see it 
belching/farting fire and being pulled around on a flatbed truck
the night of the burn? who knows?

during the week of burning man this year, gregor and i and other 
members of camp goatrodeo came to the decision that we didn't
want to bring the goat out to the playa next year. we'd like
to do other projects, and the huge responsibility that the 
goat entails would prevent us from moving forward on other 
outrageous installations/art cars/etc. so we discussed, half-jokingly
at times, getting rid of the goat. selling it on ebay, to a goat
farm, to a theme park, to a high school as a name it,
we thought of it. we also daydreamed about asking the burning man
organization (bmorg) to keep it for us, perhaps on the 80 acres.

we knew that bmorg was very fond of the goat; they'd said so last
year and were very happy we were back this year. so we asked. 
and yes! we were told that the goat absolutely had a place in bmorg's
heart, and that if we weren't up for bringing it out next year, 
they'd love to handle it if we'd be willing to donate it. so 
i did. on the spot. :)

on sunday morning after the burn, at dawn, i roused my fellow
goat-kateers, and we took the goat down one last time, loaded
it into the truck, and trundled it over to bman dpw's camp, where
we'd been instructed to leave it on pallets. we also left them
moof's excellent illustrated goat assembly documentation, fetchingly
bound in 2 large boxes of booze. as a final act, gregor marked the 
goat in a time-honored manner.

so, camp goatrodeo wishes a warm farewell to the goat, and now,
is no more. but on the bright side, there's a lot more room for
cocktail party attendees in the houseness back yard now :)

thanks to every goat-kateer who helped make the goat a reality (and 
a surreality) for all burning man attendees. we did a cool thing,
and many people will remember it for a long time. hurray for us!



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